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Hi, my name is Christin! I'm a DMV (DC Metropolitan Area) resident who moves to the beat of his own drum. I've always had a  heart for understanding more about myself and the world around me through the foods I eat and grow. My mission is to connect people of the African Diaspora and beyond back to the land so they can live their best lives. Let's partner together to make the world a greener place.




I was first inspired to grow my own food by this business called Fresh Truck which converted old school buses into mobile produce markets so that they could bring healthy food closer to communities that needed it the most. 

Once I was exposed to what they were doing, I wanted to be a part of the solution to addressing the lack of access to fresh foods in my community, so I started growing my own food. Even though I could only grow in a window. I figured out innovative ways to maximize my space. I would do things like make these crazy structures to grow vertically, or strategically use grow lights to supplement the light I needed. 

Because of my success, I was able to serve my community better by doing things such as creating a garden club at the school I worked at the time, or helping community gardens in my neighborhood while receiving my master gardener certification from UDC, and helping youth on a larger scale at the Washington Youth Garden. 

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