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Hi, my name is Christin! I'm a DMV (DC Metropolitan Area) resident who moves to the beat of his own drum. I've always had a  heart for understanding more about myself and the world around me through the foods I eat and grow. My mission is to connect people of the African Diaspora back to the land so they can live their best lives. Let's partner together to make the world a greener place.




Back in 2016, during a MLK community serivce day, I ran into a entrepreneur named Josh, the CEO of About Fresh. About Fresh mission is simple, to strengthen communities by getting fresh food to the households that need it most. One of the ways Josh and his team did this was by converting school buses to produce markets on wheels. Bringing the grocery store to the people. I had so many questions. Why didn't these communities have quality food access, who is responsible, and what will we do about it?

Before I knew it I had found myself in a deep rabbit hole. What started out as research on what a food apartheid was or the history of redlining in this country turned into a complete obsession. My answer to many of these issues was to start with me. That's when I decided to grow my own food. It didn’t matter if I was in an apartment, balcony, on a patio, or even on a ledge outside my window. I was going to find a way to grow by any means necessary. Once I successfully grew my first baby was a wrap and I was hooked. The people around me started to take notice of my new lifestyle changes and ask me for guidance on their own growing journeys. From there the rest is history.

Now I educate the African Diaspora on how to connect back to the land by growing food in small spaces, creating plant-based dishes, and getting active with nature-based activities. All while tying it back to the culture. Because everyone should have access to good food regardless of their zip code.

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